Anchor Rewards – finally got something!

I have been gathering the points from Anchor Butter for about a year now!! And it finally paid off, yey!

How happy I am, I feel like I got these for free even though I bought butter for a long time!

They seem of a very good quality and have already tried them! I still have many points left so I am just waiting for them to put some new items on their rewards website. I would actually love to get one of their chopping boards, but that is 800 points! (not enough in order to get one, unfortunately)


I am a happy customer!






One thought on “Anchor Rewards – finally got something!

  1. I’ve been saving anchor reward points assiduously for years now. When I first started saving there was a rather nice cake stand, but I didn’t have enough points. By the time I’d saved a decent number of points, of course, they’d removed the offer. All the stuff on offer is a bit rubbishy in my opinion and I’ve been holding out for something decent – now they announce they are abandoning the scheme! I have ordered a kiddies apron for my grandson. It hasn’t arrived yet, I hope it won’t be a shoddy plastic thing. I still have a lot of points and I can’t see them offering anything decent before the end of scheme. I’ll probably end up with a load of wooden spoons and tea-cloths. Disappointing.

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