Bergamo – Italy

A couple of years back, I visited the amazing city of Bergamo. If you haven’t heard or visited  this city before, it’s really a shame. It’s not far from Milan, approx 40 km away.  Actually, when you fly from London (or any other place) to Milan, some airways arrive at Milano Bergamo Airport.

This was a day trip to this city, so I did not really had much time to spend in the city but I do believe I had seen the best of it! And the pictures will confirm it! 🙂





I was very tired to be honest as I hadn’t had any sleep for 24 hours but it was all worth it! I travelled from London to Milan Bergamo with RyanAir as they had the cheapes tickets available. I spent a total of approx. £40 (return)


I strongly recommend you book your tickets in advance, maybe a month or so.. If you want to fly cheap.






Top Tips:

  • Always walk, don’t use any public transport in that city as it is very small and you’ll be able to see much more
  • The best pizza you can find is in the old part of the city, up on that hill! (La Cita Alta – the city above)
  • The best view is on the hill as well, so don’t be lazy, kick in some redbull or espresso and good luck!
  • Do NOT forget your camera! You will surely regret it!
  • Book your flights in advance in order to get a good deal!
  • check Tripadvisor for reviews when booking a hotel or BnB etc





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