What Britain puts it’s #energyinto

This infogrphic is quite amazing to be honest, it clearly states what and how most people choose to spend their spare time. It’s good to see that many of them are choosing the outdoors in order to spend their time. But it’s also good to see that many of the surveyed people are choose to spend their time at home, cooking or baking, reading and even DYI.

And we all know how expensive energy is nowadays. But there are ways to cut down on prices, and I have the exact place you need to go and look for more information: First Utility


See this interesting infographic bellow for more details. You will be surprised for sure! #energyintoFirstUtility_inforgraphics


Baby boy!

My very best friend is going to have a baby boy these days! And we are all so excited to meet the baby asap!

She already has two beautiful daughters aged 5 and 7 (I am their proud godmother!), so I went shopping for a present to be ready when she pops! :)) But boy it’s so hard to choose one when she already bought the entire baby stuff market! :)) So after two hours of visiting all possible baby shops I went to Sainsbury’s and got these:  (aren’t they ohh so cute?)








Anchor Rewards – finally got something!

I have been gathering the points from Anchor Butter for about a year now!! And it finally paid off, yey!

How happy I am, I feel like I got these for free even though I bought butter for a long time!

They seem of a very good quality and have already tried them! I still have many points left so I am just waiting for them to put some new items on their rewards website. I would actually love to get one of their chopping boards, but that is 800 points! (not enough in order to get one, unfortunately)


I am a happy customer!