National Geographic Entry

I’ve always loved to take pictures.. of everything mostly, that I found interesting/beautiful/breathtaking etc.  So came the day when I decided to upload an entry to a National Geographic Contest. Fingers crossed! xx

I am not a professional photographer, but I like to think that I do have the “thing” for it.

And of course, I do not have such expensive and beautiful cameras and all their accessories. And I do not have the skills necessary to edit a photo professionally.. but hey, as they all say: It’s never too late for anything!

If you like the picture I took, please do click on the following link to be redirected to the National Geographic Website (my entry)

And like, comment, share my picture. It will be much appreciated!



Shutter Island – Dennis Lehane

I’ve recently watched again the movie Shutter Island and all these emotions came back to me! I did read the book first, a few years ago, and I was simply stunned by the story, by the thrill of reading it.. and most of all, by some quotes which I do remember even today.

Shutter Island


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