Bergamo – Italy

A couple of years back, I visited the amazing city of Bergamo. If you haven’t heard or visited  this city before, it’s really a shame. It’s not far from Milan, approx 40 km away.  Actually, when you fly from London (or any other place) to Milan, some airways arrive at Milano Bergamo Airport.

This was a day trip to this city, so I did not really had much time to spend in the city but I do believe I had seen the best of it! And the pictures will confirm it! 🙂





I was very tired to be honest as I hadn’t had any sleep for 24 hours but it was all worth it! I travelled from London to Milan Bergamo with RyanAir as they had the cheapes tickets available. I spent a total of approx. £40 (return)


I strongly recommend you book your tickets in advance, maybe a month or so.. If you want to fly cheap.

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National Geographic Entry

I’ve always loved to take pictures.. of everything mostly, that I found interesting/beautiful/breathtaking etc.  So came the day when I decided to upload an entry to a National Geographic Contest. Fingers crossed! xx

I am not a professional photographer, but I like to think that I do have the “thing” for it.

And of course, I do not have such expensive and beautiful cameras and all their accessories. And I do not have the skills necessary to edit a photo professionally.. but hey, as they all say: It’s never too late for anything!

If you like the picture I took, please do click on the following link to be redirected to the National Geographic Website (my entry)

And like, comment, share my picture. It will be much appreciated!


Lago di Garda, Italy

I am an Italy lover. Cheesy isn’t it? But it’s true. Like so many others, I believe Italy is the perfect country to live in: good food, hot summers, beautiful beaches, easy to learn language and most of all, the old historic cities which I simply love!!!!

Last summer I visited Lago di Gardo, one of the biggest lakes in Italy. I have seen amazing, breathtaking views and decided: must go back soon!!!

Here are a few pictures taken in a couple of small villages around Lake Garda.

Enjoy them!




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