Everybody nowadays should be able to travel, to see the world. To experience the beauty of it. To admire, to explore, to fall in love with the nature all over again!

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I am a travel addict, although the little spare time that I have does not always allow me to be fully free, I do my best to take advantage of every single possibility that I get.

For me, going somewhere, anywhere, means a fresh new pair of eyes for when I come back home, to London. Don’t get me wrong, London is one of the most amazing cities I’ve been to, but sometimes you just get tired. You need a break, (or many in my case) to make you feel whole again!

I’ve grown up in a country where trees grew everywhere around us, where we used to eat strawberries in the summer straight from our garden. We used to take the bus for only 20 minutes and go for a walk or picnic in one of the biggest forests in our country. We lived with pure joy and beauty. We smelled lilac in the spring, we gathered wild flowers in the woods, we breathed fresh air right there, right near our home… If you grew up in such a heavenly place, then you understand my desire to get out of London once in a while.

I am open to any collaboration ideas related to travel, nationally or internationally. I never forget to take my most favourite camera in order to be able to take beautiful pictures, and my notebook in order to write down the most amazing experiences.

And surely, I never forget to drink a cup of coffee.. Because let’s be honest, this is the most precious liqueur nowadays, that keeps us going..


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